When single contributions are combined with the contributions of other individuals, MDPAC funds increase the leverage of organized medicine’s position to protect patients’ rights and to preserve the integrity of the medical profession. 

Here are five important reasons to join MDPAC:

  1. Michigan Doctors' Political Action Committee (MDPAC) is the bipartisan political action committee of the Michigan State Medical Society. As a results MDPAC supports pro-medicine candidates.
  2. MDPAC candidates win. At least 90% of MDPAC-supported candidates won their races in the last several elections. Thus, the funds raised by MDPAC are spent in a meaningful and judicious way.
  3. Trial lawyers and other political opponents raise enormous sums of money. Medicine's friends, through MDPAC, must dig deeper to raise equivalent or greater amounts of funds.
  4. The current political landscape is uncertain. Only through a well-funded, unified voice will physicians and their patients' interests be looked after. MDPAC is that voice.
  5. For 41 cents a day ($150/year) as a sustaining member or 82 cents a day ($300/year) as a 300 club member, there is no better investment you can make to protect your profession.

MDPAC offers the following contribution levels for physicians:

  • MD1000 Club - $1,000
  • Capitol Club - $500
  • 300 Club - $300
  • Sustaining - $150

MDPAC also allows families of physicians, students and residents to participate at the following levels:

  • Family - $225
  • Student/Residents - $20

Note: Contributions to MDPAC are not limited to these levels.